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How to install SPC floor?

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Pre-installation preparation

1. When calculating floor demand according to building area, the loss is generally 5%. If installed at a certain angle, the loss is generally 10-15%.

2. Before installation, it is necessary to have three days for the floor to adapt to the new environment. Place the floor horizontally on a flat floor. The indoor temperature should be controlled between 18 and 29 degrees Celsius. Do not unpack. Be careful to avoid direct sunlight and large temperature changes.

Ground preparation before laying

1. Floor for suspension installation is generally required on plywood, OSB board, ceramic tile or leveled cement floor. If installed on the original floor, then the original floor must be firmly nailed or adhered to the ground, and must be flat.

Wooden plywood, OSB board or wood floor must be flat. It is necessary to rectify the difference between height and height every 2m exceeding 3mm. Ground low, fill low.

2. Concrete: Most of the concrete floors are uneven. Horizontal treatment must be done before installation. Usually, a horizontal ruler 2 m long is used to find high and low areas. Low areas are filled with self-leveling chemicals as recommended by the manufacturer. Ground clearance and concave and convex will make the floor locking system not firm, and may damage the locking system.

3. Cleaning and dust removal are required before installation to ensure that there is no debris or gravel on the ground and that the ground is dry, clean and smooth. The nail and screw head must be completely knocked in. Level any projections and crevices on the ground. Ground peeling, uplifting, or damaged parts must be repaired.

Note: Avoid installing on soft or deformed ground. Floor installation will not alleviate the softness or deformation of the floor, but may damage the locking system and cause it to fail. For most tooling and household fittings, we recommend the use of suspension installation method. However, the adhesive method can only be used in areas where the temperature varies greatly.

SPC Floor Installation Method

1. As shown in the figure, first check the floor and place the mortise side against the wall. There should be an 8-12 mm expansion joint between the floor and the wall.

2. The first floor of the second row is installed on the long side in the following way

U Insert the mortise of the floor to be laid into the groove of the first row of floor

U Lift the floor up slightly at an angle of 15-25 degrees until it joins.

U Press down the floor to make it fit tightly.

3. Like other floors, the floors that continue to be laid should be wedged into the correct position in the longitudinal direction as mentioned above.

4. When wedging in the longitudinal and long direction, the distance between the front part and the front part of the plate should be as small as possible. Then, the hammer plate should be used to strike the short edges horizontally upward so that they can be joined together. After special design, the locking buckle will be automatically fastened.

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